Check the ticket note:
1. Even string method for error
2. Stroke
3. Airlines
4. Aircraft class.
5. The process time the plane takes off
6. Economic position or business management
7. The ticket effective date
8. Status in a column is write OK
9. Free check-in baggage weight
10. Such as the ticket in doubt, can be directly mei electric airlines query.
11. Pay attention to whether there is a travel agency "XXX" (xx air transport association) mark, in order to reduce the risk of not drawn.

Ticket types
1. General ticket
2. Travel ticket
3. Special travel ticket
4. Group ticket
5. Budget special ticket
6. Charter flights ticket
7. To travel around the world ticket
8. Package
* * above ticket validity, stay within a prescribed time limit, can transfer, cancellation, change the stroke or date, and can transfer to other airlines were different * *

Notes to order tickets
1. Order ticket before, should be the first to different travel agency to ask price.
2. Such as travel agencies of the ticket price, flat, should inquire about the fare is what kind of ticket. Due to the travel agency is group ticket price quotation, bought the ticket guests will not change the aircraft and date and no refund.
3. There is no travel schedule of print proof before flight has really, don't deal with any charge.
4. Pay the deposit, should check whether the receipt has listed have bought the ticket details.
5. After a ticket should check whether the name of the passengers and passport name consistent, aviation company name, time and takeoff whether between and purchase the statement when the equal, and whether already really machine live etc details.
6. To understand own actual need, for example, will not change the date of departure or stroke, etc.
7. Inquires the clear ticket restrictions.
8. After tickets shall then call an airline to confirm his name is already on the list of the board.
9. Order electronic ticket when some airlines such as countries XXX airline will require customers door as number, and some airlines such as XXX airline don't need.
10. In case of any doubt, can call XXXXX enquiries and complaints.

Consumers to buy a ticket by travel notes
Had better be in payment for instant ticket, lest because of travel agency collapse resulted in loss.
For a travel agency payment receipt.
In the case of electronic ticket, shall require listed travel schedule and send receipt receipt, and access to any ticket Numbers.
Receive ticket instant check the name, voyage data is correct, and call the airlines confirmed his name is in the passenger list.