The company was established in * * * * years, as a professional aviation agency, in * * * * years have won one, two kind of international passenger agent qualification, and in the * * * * years through the strict evaluation and assessment, and achieved the international aviation association (namely xx) issued by the agency qualification certificate, and many foreign airlines signed level agency agreement. For example: xx, xx, xx and XXX nearly 50 home and foreign airlines. * * * * annual sales bureau xx area each aviation service company within the top ten.

For better service to the customer, the center under the sales department, the section of passenger transport, and business ministry of tourism. And the capital airport and airport club cooperation, established own a complete service system: tickets, send ticket, the national 12 house hotel reservation, international hotel reservation.

The company employees are after agent professional training and through strict appraisal made for professional qualification certificate. Center in addition to have xx civil aviation CRS computer positioning system outside, also equipped with XXX computer system, and successively in xx, xx, xx, xx to establish good operation network, for families to provide overseas business arrangements and food, accommodation, travel, tour full service, better satisfy the need of households
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