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For better service to the customer, the center under the sales department, the section of passenger transport, and business ministry of tourism. And the capital airport and airport club cooperation, established own a complete service system: tickets, send ticket, the national 12 house hotel reservation, international hotel reservation.
The company employees are after agent professional training and through strict...

1. Visit "xx travel agency" payment

2. Such as using a credit card

3. Online payments,
Only accept XXX credit Card/XXX credit Card/XXX Card (xx unionpay Card).
Online payments, accept the third party payment.
The guest if you would like to use the online payment, please contact with the company.

4. Visit "xx city xx business co., LTD." payment
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Moscow return
Xx non-stop flight to return Moscow only
Validity: 01 mar2010-30 jun2010

INTL Flights
To new Delhi, India
Xx non-stop flight to new Delhi, India and only
Validity: 01 mar2010-30 jun2010

1, a complete "* * * * visa application form" (IMM5257). Be * * one full year of life and more accompanying children must fill in their respective application form.

2, the applicant and each be * * one full year of life and more accompanying family members separately to fill in a complete "family table and education and employment details form", please fill in the Chinese and English or in French.

3, id card, * * * copy, English translation. * * years old of the following the applicants must have the consent of the parents letter.

4, the applicant must submit three of a kind in the last six months filming colour or black and white photos, background for pure white or light color. Photo frame size

5, the applicant's valid passport. Each passport must contain except the last page of the outside at least a whole page blank page. The period of your passport will take